How to delete Content from the Forge

Hello, sometimes you’ll need to delete something from your Foundry directory, and this is what we’ll cover in this tutorial.


To delete content from the forge, that might be messing with your game, you’ll have to go to the Forge Page and head over to My Foundry

At the bottom of the page, you should see Selet Data Files To Delete
Data Files to delete

In this tab it’ll show you The World/System/Module/Orphan Name, and how much space they take.


When first pressed, the tab will come up with your worlds.
It’ll tell you The World's name followed by what System it is using. At the end, you can also see how big the world itself is, and how much space it takes up.


In this tab it’ll tell you what Systems you’ve installed on the forge.


In this tab it’ll tell you what Modules you’ve installed on the forge.


Orphans are leftover files that are in the wrong directory, as most things should be in the Assets library, but some modules may have bypassed the forge system.


Warning: Before you start deleting, stop your world. It has occurred that worlds will be cached till the server is stopped, and will still receive the old world.

The deletion process is simple.
You press the trashbin at the left of the name.
Then another popup will come with a confirmation that you actually want to delete the World/System/Module.
You’ll have to input the randomly generated code into the field, then press Delete *item*.

And that’s it. It should be deleted, and you can start your world again.

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