How to change your billing information


Some of you may be required to change your billing information, and while I plan on having a dedicated section for that, at the moment, here is how you can change your billing details or credit card (I know it’s convoluted, this is temporary).

  • Go to the Subscription Manager
  • Upgrade your account by adding an Extra or upgrading to a higher tier (you will not be charged)
  • Change your billing information (name and address)
  • Click Preview then click on “Enter Payment details”. Make sure not to click it twice so you don’t end up confirming the subscription change.
  • Next to your existing payment method, you can click the “Change payment method” button.
  • A new site will open to the Stripe Portal in which you can add/delete and set your default payment method.
  • Make sure to click the “Close without changes” button to cancel the upgrade.

Here is a small video showing the process using test credit cards :

Note: If your payment had been declined because your billing information (name or address) was incorrect and you needed to change it, please contact ( me so I can void the previous invoice and issue a new one with the correct billing information.

Thank you.