[Hombrew World] [Forge hosted] [Discord Server] [All Week] [LGBTQ+] The Eclipse of the Solar City, Will Tiferet Fall?

:crossed_swords: Game System: D&D 5e

:calendar: When do you play: 7PM to 11PM EST (Possible to adjust according to group needs)

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:

About me as a GM

My name is Yumi, I’m 27, Trans and use the She/Her pronouns. I live in Brazil (yeah english is not my first language, sry bout dat). I’ve been playing RPG for as long as I remember and have always been the ForeverGM. I Started with the seccond edition DnD, and went through many systems until I finally settled for 5e about 6 years ago.

As a GM I like to work with my players to create epic and memorable moments, I love a good RP and like to see players comming up with creative solutions for the challanges I bring.

I can make a few voices (even though I may slip on them sometimes) and I like to bring concepts to the games that makes my players think about things. I don’t see a problem in twisting rules to create funnier moments on the game, the rule of cool is the one closest to my heart.

I mostly run my Homebrew World of Kora, but I love to run adventure modules too.

About the Game

Almost 5,000 years ago a cataclysmic event known as The Rupture completely changed life on the Continent of Kobar which was isolated from the rest of the world by almost impassable walls of ice, the many races lived separately in their settlements scattered across Kobar, but the rupture caused unprecedented destruction in the center of the continent turning it into a giant desert and brought down the Ice Walls opening the continent to an endless sea, the survivors of this apocalyptic event gathered in the lands today called Tira.
For a long time, the many races lived separately in Tira, until in 3850 AR (After the Rupture) the Orcs (believed to be extinct then) appeared by the border of the desert, leaving a trail of death and destruction as they marched upon Tira, the elven king Larondil, managed to unite the military forces of all races to repel the Orc offensive obtaining an absolute success in his endeavor, the majority of the Orcs were banished to the desert, those that remained became servants for the other races, after this Tiferet was founded and the Kingdom of Tira was born under the leadership of the elves over the other races.
With due time the power abuse of the elves, gave birth to an inevitable revolt and it arose under the leadership of the commercial and craftsmen guilds, which in a bloody civil war deposed the elven king, assassinating all the royal family ( rumors tell that there are still living descendants of the elven king and they are protected by the Red Crown), After this, the Council of 9 was created, the nine are elected by the guilds of each branch of the city commercial activity (the Artisans, Merchants, Magic College of Arcane Arts, Alchemists, Historians, Military, Farmers, Sailors and Clergy).
Recently the Red Crown has rapidly expanded its influence in the port area at the same time as the citizens of the area have begun to disappear and last week, on the Day of the Dead, an undead outbreak was responsible for a massacre of the population of Dog Water (the shantytown in the port area)

How Sessions Work

$20 paid every Session Day to be allowed to play next session or $80 paid before the last day of the month to be allowed to play next month.
If you prefer you can subscribe through my Patreon (There you can find the House Rules and Setting. Also there I have some promotional prices)

I put a lot of time and effort preparing the session to deliver an immersive and fun experience tailored arround the your characters and fitting to the groups playstyle, also I have costs to cover like the server and artists wich provide us with Tokens, Animations, Maps, and all sorts of automations for a more fluid gameplay. And this is my now my full time job and this is so I can deliver the best experience for you.

Session 0 is Free and we will build youre character and work together to tailor a background to fit you into the world, work on any connections between the party, as well as NPCs. We’ll also discuss the motif and style of play we all want to play.

Final Considerations

I understand put a lot of time and efort in my games, I also have expanses to maintain the server and with the arts for tokens and battlemaps to deliver you the best possible experience.

I also intend to create an inclusive community arround my games, so if for any reason you need to drop for a couple of weeks or months you’re access to the server will not be revoked and you can still access and have fun roleplaying with other online players, you will just not have access to the weekly session and campaign plots.

I do require my players to be 18+ so I can touch more mature topics to put a reflection point over them. I do not tolerate any form of discrimination against other players in my games, any player who disrespect this rule will be banned!. If you still have any questions please leave them down below or on my discord.

:memo: Aditional Details:

  • Bailywiki Premium Content
  • TheRipper93 Premium Modules
  • Caeora and Forggoten Adventure Premium Tokens and Maps
  • JB2A Premium Animations
  • Discord Server
  • LGBT+ Inclusive, you and your pronouns will be respected here!
  • Beginners and Veterans welcome;
  • [NOT FULLY TESTED] IPad compatibility.

Discord Contact: YumiLenci#5613