Had a nightmare evening with my laptop and now I need help!

So I had a major problem with my notebook, I had to reset the entire thing however now I only have my foundry files on the forge. I know I can export my worlds but is there anyway to export my asset library so I can just copy straight back into my user data?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, sorry to hear about your laptop troubles, hope you didn’t lose anything important in all that :frowning:

You can export your worlds and compendium, but not the assets library. The worlds will still refer to your assets directly from the assets library so they will still work locally (as long as you have internet), A way to export/synchronize the assets library with a local folder is an upcoming feature but a bit low on my priority list at the moment.
This is the help text that appear when you click on the export world button :

I hope that helps.