Green Hills Tavern [LFP's] [5E] [PAID] LGBTQIA+ Friendly Weekly Saturday Game from 1pm - 5pm est

Day: Saturdays

Time: 1pm-5pm

Frequency: Weekly

Cost: $8 per session using Paypal

What you need: Discord, Free Syrinscape Account and a good Mic

What I am looking for:

I am currently seeking 2 Adventurers to join the current group and take care of the Giant Menace that seems to be raging across the Sword Coast. I present to you my take on Storm Kings Thunder. Many things have changed which will take the party past 11th level. How far? That depends on the group and what they choose to do. But my goal is level 20. Please only apply if you are certain that you can come to at least 90% of the sessions.

The Campaign so far – Each session will be approximately 4 hrs The party is currently at level 5 and have just finished defending Goldenfields.

Campaign Guide - I run Faerun a little differently than other DM’s. Here is the link to my Campaign Guide. Please give it a read as I know my world is not for everyone. Campaign Guide - Google Docs

What you can expect - You will begin at 6th level. You will begin with starting class equipment or gold (your choice) and two normal healing potions.

I have been DMing for over 5yrs now. I have played both face to face and on VTT’s. I find it awesome that you can play with anyone from around the world. I love introducing new players to the world of D&D. I always try to make my games a unique experience for everyone by providing fun challenges and amusing Npc’s with voices and mannerisms I am unfortunately no Matt Collville but I will do my best to make every session a memorable one.

Respect for Everyone –

My games are open to anyone and everyone. So, I have a strict no bullying, sexism, racism policy. Along with anything else that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. If anyone at any time feels uncomfortable, please private message me and I will fix what is going on.

Mature Content?

All of my games are family friendly. The closest I get to having my characters cuss is like Yosemite Sam.


Than sit on down at the bar and allow the Orc Bartender to pour you an Ale or Wine its on me. Dont let the Bartenders appearance scare you. He is a friendly soul with a love of stories. So please sit down and tell him your characters Tale (character concept)

Seldrin Aemyr prided himself in his collection of arcane artifacts. A collection he had built over the centuries through perseverance and subterfuge. He didn’t always have his collection however. Abandoned to an oprhanage from a very young age, his earliest memories were of a never ending hunger and burning shame. His once proud family name having lost it’s influence and wealth thousands of years ago. He learned to survive and even thrive on the streets of Elvish city he was born in, and in the wilds surrounding it.

One day the heist didn’t pan out how it was supposed to. Perhaps it was his overconfidence, or perhaps he was set up. He’s not quite sure yet, all he knows is that he was discovered and captured. In retaliation the powerful noble who he was burglarizing decided to punish Seldrin himself, and severely at that.

Using powerful magics he simultaneously debilitated Seldrin and teleported him to the material plane. Seldrin found himself in the forests near a human city, with a feeling of loss overwhelming him. Try as he might, most of the spells and skills he had learned over his several centuries long life were inaccessible to him. The words and motions he needed to remember to use his abilities felt like nothing more than an almost forgotten dream.

Weakened and unable to return home, Seldrin has spent the past several weeks desperately seeking to regain enough of his powers to make his way back to the Feywild.

Eladrin (Variant) Arcane Trickster Rogue.

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Still looking for One more Adventurer. Come on and join the fight against the Giant Menace.