Getting Started in The Forge


Let me be the first to welcome you into our Forge Community, and may your creativity thrive along with us!

Getting started with The Forge should be a piece of cake :cake: ! Let me show you:

If you already have Foundry content that you’d like to import, I suggest you have a look at our Import Wizard Tutorial which explains the entire process. With that out of the way, let’s get going.

Once you have subscribed to The Forge or enabled Explorer Mode, you’ll be able to create games from the My Foundry page. Head over there by clicking the “My Foundry” button in the navigation bar.

You will be directed to your Server setup page. Here you should be able to see your Foundry Server configuration if the Game Manager is disabled, or to create new games if the Game Manager is enabled. To create a new game, press the “Create Game” button.

You’ll have the option to create a Blank new Game, or Select an existing world to install directly from the Bazaar.

Selecting “Blank New Game” will let you create a game from scratch in
the game system of your choice, while “Select from Bazaar” will let you browse pre-built worlds from the community and start right away.

Blank New Game

Choosing a "Blank new Game" will let you choose a Game System, this is the system the world will be based on. Choose the one you want to use or get familiar with. Choosing a system that you don't already have installed in your Foundry instance will automatically install it for you.

Afterwards, you can decide on the game’s title, your players will be able to see this title as they join, so if you don’t want to reveal anything, keep it subtle :smiley: The Folder Name field will automatically be filled with a ‘url-friendly’ version of the above title, so you shouldn’t need to modify it unless another world already exists with the same name. This is just a name to make your game an individual one, that way you can have 2 games with the same title, but not the same folder path.

That would be it, you can now press “Launch Game” and have fun in your new game!

Head over to Next Steps for more information on how to invite your friends or install modules to your game.

Select From Bazaar

Selecting from the Bazaar will open up a menu of pre-made, Foundry ready games.

You can select which-ever game you find interesting, and it will prompt you for a game title and folder name, in case you want to customize those, otherwise, leave them unchanged.

Just go ahead and Install the world, and that would be it, you can now press “Launch Game” and have fun in your new game!

Next Steps

After you’ve set up your game, you’ll need to invite your friends over so you can play together.
Inviting people to your game is easy! In your My Foundry page, you’ll find the invitation link to your game which you can copy and share with your friends.
They’ll need a Forge account and following the link will add your game to their dashboard so they can access it any time they want.

With the Forge’s User Manager enabled, once a user has been invited, their players within the Foundry world will be automatically created for them, and you can control their roles and nicknames directly from the “Configure Players” sidebar of the Game configuration.
If the User Manager is not enabled, then you would need to also manually create the users within the world for your players to join the game after they’ve been invited to it. You can follow the Foundry VTT instructions on Users in order to achieve that.

Installing Modules

Modules are what makes Foundry unique and great. A multitude of enthusiastic developers in the Foundry Community are making great addon modules that enhance the core Foundry features, allowing you to achieve a high level of customization for your own personal Foundry experience.

To install modules, just head over to The Bazaar where you can browse and search for available modules and install the ones you like. Here you can select modules, systems and worlds that Foundry’s great community has made!

After installing the modules, you have to reload your game by clicking the “Stop Server” in your Game Configuration page, or if the Game Manager is not enabled, simply by returning to Foundry’s setup page and launching the world again.

Once in your world, you should be able to go into Foundry’s settings sidebar image and click the “Manage modules” button where you can enable the modules you want in this specific world.


If you make a new world after this, you’ll have to enable them there too, but no need to install them over.

Save and have fun with your newly installed modules!