Getting Started as a Bazaar Creator


The Bazaar is part of The Forge’s turn-key experience, integrating Foundry content into a user’s game. With tons of features and an easy-to-use interface, the Bazaar makes installing content quick and convenient for all Forge users.

Given the success of The Forge as a tool for installing Foundry content, The Forge VTT has expanded The Bazaar. Now, in addition to pre-existing free content such as modules and worlds, we’ve added a robust marketplace to the Bazaar to allow users to purchase premium content.

Becoming a Creator on The Bazaar

Users who sell content on The Bazaar are known as “Bazaar Creators”, and receive the appropriate flair on our Discord and website. To get started as a Bazaar Creator, contact us via email, and provide the following details:

  • The email address associated with your Forge Account. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. You do not need to purchase a subscription on the Forge website to publish on The Bazaar.
  • Your Discord username, including the appended numeric identifier. (You will need to join our Discord server, as we share news and updates to the Creator process there.)
  • Links or screenshots of your existing content, or a description of content that exists and is ready for publishing.

You can sell almost any content compatible with Foundry Virtual Tabletop on The Forge, including:

  • Collections containing images, audio, and compatible videos for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.
  • Adventures or worlds. This can include both system-agnostic and system-specific worlds. Creators are expected to comply with licensing terms from the system publisher. If it is needed, we do offer a publisher revenue-split feature on the Bazaar.
  • Map packs with pre-made dynamic lighting, ready for import into a world!
  • Compendiums containing Foundry entities including actors, items, etc.
  • Modules that modify/improve the behavior/user interface of Foundry Virtual Tabletop
  • And much, much more! If Foundry can handle it, The Bazaar can handle it.

Generally, we require prospective Bazaar creators to have pre-existing content that they can offer immediately, if they wish to be approved. Creators may only use media/content that that they own, or are licensed to use/distribute.

Distribution and Sale

Currently, The Bazaar only supports one-time purchases, due to the associated complexity in supporting subscriptions.

Creators do not need to sell their content on the website- we have a few creators who offer their content for free on our service! We also support “Pay what you want” pricing, allowing creators to determine the minimum price for a package- including free!

If this sounds exciting, and you want to join the growing success of The Bazaar’s marketplace, email and apply today!