GATEWALKERS - New Campaign! Fortnightly, every other Saturday @18:00PST

A New Pathfinder 2e Adventure

We will be running a three-part adventure within Golarion in 2e on a fully-loaded Foundry VTT! We can discuss themes, tone, and characters during the ongoing Session 0 on the Discord. There, we will run through the themes, goals, expectations, and etiquette for our table before jumping into character creation. I will help all those that require it, with no limitations when it comes to rarity or build choices. Once we are happy, I will make a custom token for you to use within the game.

The Adventure:

Six months ago, a rash of strange paranormal phenomena occurred around the world. Chief among the incidents reported were countless instances of aiudara—elven teleportation portals, also called elf gates—suddenly overflowing with tremendous white light. As aiudara are often located in remote locations, witnesses were relatively rare. But those onlookers who were nearby and who gazed into the light saw something within the blinding portal: a loved one, a lost homeland, a glorious treasure. The specifics varied in each account, but in every case the witness saw whatever person, place, or thing they most desired. Few could resist the impulse to walk toward the light in the hopes of grasping the apparent object of their obsession. Many never returned. Those who did were forever changed.

The crisp summer evening on which this event occurred became known as the night of the Missing Moment.

Variant Rules:

  • Free Archetype: take a Dedication to give another dynamic to your character
  • Critical Hit/Fumble Deck: Let’s make those natural 20s count with extra effects!
  • Hero Point variant: Hero Points can be spent to add +6 to a d20 roll, or give me a -6 to one of my d20 rolls

:crossed_swords: SESSION 1
:family_mwgb: SLOTS 4 remaining
:calendar: SCHEDULE <t:1685836800>, fortnightly
:alarm_clock: DURATION 3 hours
:money_with_wings: PRICE $25/session
:desktop: GAME LINK Play Pathfinder 2e Online | NEW Pathfinder 2e Campaign | 👽🌀 GATEWALKERS 🌀👽 | lvl 1-10 Fantasy X-Files, Beginner Friendly, All Welcome ❤️⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
:busts_in_silhouette: Welcoming and friendly table. My 3 table rules: Respect the players; Respect the game; Have fun