Game Settings lost after Forge re-login

Some of my game sytem settings (GURPS Game Aid 0.15.12) are reset to their default values after I log out from the Forge and log back in again.

After the re-login it also always shows the changelog of the game system update, which it should only do after the initital start after the update.

This happens no matter if there are modules loaded or not. For example it also shows again and again the changelog of Perfect Vision, even after I clicked “don’t show again”.

This does not happen on my local install with the same setting and the same modules. So I assume it is a Forge specific issue.

Hey there :wave:

These settings are generally set per client/browser and aren’t managed by Forge at all. It’s possible that there is a privacy or security setting or extension on your browser that’s preventing these settings from being saved :thinking:

The local install would connect using Electron by default, which is also a browser, but might not have the same security settings that your current browser does. I’d recommend trying it with a different browser and also double checking your security settings, and checking your dev tools console (F12) to see if there are any errors occurring when you save settings.

The module monks-player-settings might be able to save the day in this case

Hi @phi,

thank you for pointing out the obvious! Why didn’t I think of that :sunglasses:
Of course the browser privacy settings!

Thanks for showing me Monks Player Settings module - that will help as well!