Game data jumped from 50% ish to 129% and can't log into the world

I was updating to foundry 0.8.8 and everything was fine. Was doing some progress on the world, adding some merchant npcs, and was notified there was a new hot fix for 0.8.8 so I exited, tried to install it, but didn’t really see it happening. so I went to the setup to update my core system, (pf2e) and the mods.

Log into the world and are told to wait as the core system is being updated. Keep getting an error 512 message and it wouldn’t update the core system. I log out of foundry and are then unable to log back in, as the data have jumped to past 100% and I can’t see any way to gain access or such.

Is it the merchants that take up data space? or is it a bug with the update or some other things?

Also it is very slow to load prior to this

We’ve seen something like this before with PF, where the migration starts building up the actors.db or scenes.db or items.db to such a ridiculous amount that it goes over the quota and can’t finish.

Previous solution to this has been to export the world, run the same Foundry version locally with the same version of the game system and let the migration finish there. It will expand the db files to whatever it wants to, possibly gigabytes, but eventually it will finish and clean up the world file to an acceptable size again.

And once that’s done, you can reupload your world through the importer wizard on the My Foundry page.

I know it’s a bit of a process, but it’s some sort of a bug in either Foundry or maybe the gamesystem, where migrations just go crazy until the game cleans them up.

We’ve tried cleaning the offending files manually in the past, but the migration process will just start back up again and fill up the quota again, usually.
Previously I had thought that it happens when something major changes with Foundry and the game system, but if all you did was reload foundry basically (which for a hotfix is all you needed), then I don’t even know. Maybe the original 0.8.8 migration never even finished before you closed the world and that restart triggered the issue.

Hard to say.

I do believe it might be that the migration to the new pf2e core wasn’t finished and that might be the issue. I got it sorted by purchasing more data storage to get it to 67% or so, I logged in and it worked. I then logged out and reverted back to 0.8.6 and downgraded the core and mods. Now it is humming along at 31%. So the 100+ merchant actors I had wasn’t the issue.

Could be as you said. I did download the world, but wasn’t sure how to implement it on my offline version, so the purchase of extra storage was the option I went for.

Also wanted to note that the actors isn’t the reason for slow load times either. Don’t know what it is, as I notice it without any mods loaded. I know the patch notes for 0.8.8 said there was an issue with the compendiums, which is why I switched.