Foundry Bug: World becomes hidden after running out of space

Earlier I’ve tried to install the FoundryVTT music packs, without me knowing that I was going to go over my game data limit by installing them, so my server went over the game data limit, which caused it to stop running(?), I then stopped the server, removed the orphaned files to keep my foundry server under the gamedata limit, but once I started my server back up again, my game world was missing, along with all the scenes, npc data and player data.

I hope there’s a way to recover them, it sucks to have to recreate all the scenes, npc and ask my players if they remember what items they have in their inventories, but if there’s not, I’m 100% okay with that too, just wanted to report it to you guys.

Thanks for filing this. It looks like Foundry tried to overwrite the world.json file which failed because the disk was full due to your quota being exceeded. This caused the world.json to become a 0 bytes file making it invalid. None of the other data was lost of course, since the game database is saved using a crash-safe method.
I’ve created a new world.json file for the world which should give you access to it now. Please edit it back to restore the original title, description, banner of the world, I believe that’s the only information that was lost.
I will contact Atropos about this issue so the bug in Foundry can be fixed to better handle these situations.

In the meantime, you can use these for the exclusive content music packs : Installing Foundry's Exclusive Content modules (Quota-free install)
I’m still working on having quota free installs for systems and modules and expect it to be ready soon.
Thank you for understanding, and do let me know if it’s all working as it should now.


Everything is working fine now! Thank you! :grin:

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Good to hear. Thanks! I’ve filed the report with Foundry. I also had noticed someone else who had 0 sized world.json but didn’t understand why that was, but thanks to you now, I know why it happened and I can fix it for people.