Extremely slow tonight

I’m only trying to look at modules on the Bazaar, but it is extremely slow. Each Module I look up on the Bazaar takes a while to load, with the black circle just turning. My internet is fine, other sites load quickly, just the Forge being really slow. Went on to my world to do some work, (small world under 5mb), took over 4 mins to load - and I’m the only one here.
Anyone else having issues? Is it because it is Saturday Night, and most people run their Games tonight? Or is it something else?
Just letting you good folks know.
Many thanks

My world keeps crashing - things are really unstable. This is pretty disappointing, it’s ruining my session tonight.

This has happened 2 out of the last 3 sessions for my group and resulted in shortened sessions. Very laggy server, moving tokens has a several second delay. Sometimes players dc and upon reloading tokens are all over the map and sometimes removed tokens have returned. We play every thursday from 8-11pm est. Probably just going to look into hosting it myself, just came to forge for the convenience.

I also had a lot of lag and people getting disconnected tonight. This was my first time trying Forge because I had so many connection issues when trying to self-host. I knew my own internet isn’t great but was hoping that things would be smooth with someone else’s server, will be disappointed if this keeps happening :frowning:

The game I’m playing in has had the same issue both last Thursday night and tonight…

Hello everyone here.

I’ll ping everyone so they can see this: @zondebok @baticeer @farquard @subourbonite

We had an issue the other day that has been fixed. We hope that this will better the experience for everyone, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

When it comes to being slow, it should have been for 20 minutes. If you experienced further slowness, I would recommend checking out World Size Check and Trouble with Modules .
Especially if you experience regular slowness.

I’ll also happily help if you have any more questions or issues.

nothing but server crashes tonight. very unhappy

Indeed. Sadly so are we.
We will be trying to keep it stable, as that is our main priority right now.*

Hopefully we can resolve this and move on to brighter times.

So. If you aren’t on Discord:

Hey everyone. Working hard here to prevent these types of situations. I was confident that it wouldn’t happen today after the changes I worked all night to do to the infrastructure, but evidently, there’s still some problem somewhere. I think that everyone reloading at the same time has caused the issue to be much bigger than it should have been, so a lag of few seconds turned into a few minutes downtime, (and everyone reloading was a side effect of people getting kicked out, forcing you to reload, I am well aware of that).
Know that this is my highest priority to get things to a state where this does not happen again and we’re able to correctly handle all the traffic. For your information, the website usually runs on 2 servers, during peak hours, it would use 3 or 4 servers (it scales up automatically based on traffic), today, it was struggling with 15 servers (which was the maximum it could scale to because I never imagined it would need more). Obviously, the slow load times is that it takes a minute or two each time to provision (create, boot and configure) each server as a reaction to the high loads.
I can guarantee you that this is not the norm and this is not how I want the forge service to be. Huge apologies for any interruptions you’ve had, and thank you all for being patient and understanding :heart:
We have a dev update livestream scheduled for this Monday at 4PM EST. I will be addressing this issue and we’ll have a Q&A moment, if you’re interested to know more, you might be interested in watching that stream. I will be writing an update on the forums as well in the upcoming days.

Thanks Kevin. Seemed to stabilize circa 10pm eastern tonight.

Thanks for the updates. Glad to hear that this was hopefully not a constant situation and is being worked on. I was feeling frustrated because we decided to switch to Forge after experiencing lots of connection issues while self-hosting, and then hitting similar problems again had me about ready to despair that I’d ever be able to run a game without technical issues. I guess my group just had the bad luck of happening to try Forge for the first time on the exact day that you were having the worst server crashes. Hope that things are worked out.

That is absolutely awful.
We hope we can serve a better service in the future, and we are trying our best to resolve it ^^
We absolutely understand the current frustration about it, and we’re doing our best to migrate to something more stable ^^

But, we’re looking for brighter times ^^ Hope you can enjoy further sessions with us :heart:

Hey Kevin, maybe it’s been shared somewhere already… is there a report of peak usage hours per day of the week? I’m assuming Fridays are the worst. What are the lowest?

Hard question to answer as it depends on the region and what hour of the day.
But for information:
Peak hours start on Thursdays, to Sundays each day having a higher peak than the previous day. (so Sunday would be the highest peak)

Monday and Wednesday are the days we have the least traffic.

Peak hours start around 2-4PM EST for Europe, or 7-10PM EST for NA if that is what you want to avoid.

Hopefully, that makes sense and answers what you need ^^
We don’t share that information anywhere as of right now, and I am not sure if that will be a concern as of right now, but it is at least on our minds now.

Thank you ^^ :heart:

We’ve answered about the slowdown of last week here: A look at the recent service instability if anyone else wants to read it.

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