Error after Updating V10

Hello everyone,

i upgraded to Foundry v10 but i can’t start my games anymore. I get this error:

Error communicating with Foundry VTT: connect ECONNREFUSED

Hey ilde,

The most common reason for this issue is after an update, whether it’s for Foundry VTT, a system, or an important module.

While Foundry VTT or a system is migrating to a new data structure, it will often fail to respond to players trying to connect. As a result, people trying to connect will have issues, and get that strange connection issue.

The solution to this problem is to attempt to load into the server. If you’re not able to load in right away, cancel the loading in your browser, and wait 15 minutes. It will usually finish upgrading during this time.

If this does not work, then try stopping and restarting the server.

And if this doesn’t work, reach out to us on Discord. We wish you the best of luck!