Error: A different game is currently in session

I have the Story Teller subscription.
I have created two games, one with pf1 system and the other with Witcher.

No issue with the pf1 game but none can connect to the WItcher game.
Always got the error message: “Error Launching Game: A different game is currently in session. Please come back later”

I thought that with the Story Teller subscription I can have multiple running games.

Does someone know a solution?

Thank you.

PS: sorry for my bad english, not my native langage.

You can have multiple games available with storyteller, but you can only have as many game running simultaneously as you have Foundry licenses. This is a requirement of Foundry’s licensing.

So if you want both games actually RUNNING at the same time, you need to add a second foundry license to your Forge account.

The nice thing about the StoryTeller “Game Manager” feature is that if you have only one foundry license, your players can still access your games anytime and it will just spin up whichever one they try to sign into, unless another one is already active, so the games are available for players to check out their characters…etc.


It makes sense.

Thank you for your answer.