Does The Forge VTT offer a free trial?

Try Before you Buy

Here on The Forge VTT, we support trying our service before buying. When you subscribe for the first time on your account, you will automatically receive a two-week free trial. No other action is needed!

(If a charge appears on your account during your free trial and PayPal is your payment option, please see our PayPal article for more information.)

During the free trial, you are free to adjust your subscription at any time, at no charge- including cancelling, if you have changed your mind about The Forge. The moment your free trial ends, you will be charged for the plan you have most recently selected.

Use It or Lose It

Once you have signed up for a subscription on The Forge, your free trial immediately starts. Once the trial has started, you can only use your free trial within the next 14 days. This means that if you cancel and attempt to subscribe a month later, you will be charged a month later.

This also means that you are free to subscribe, cancel, and resubscribe in those 14 days, to your heart’s content. If you wish to experiment with The Forge’s subscription options before buying, this is a good opportunity to do so. We hope you remember to resubscribe before the end of your free trial!