DM Looking for 1 player for Curse of Strahd Campaign [Paid], [Saturday], [Campaign]

Game: DnD 5e
Campaign: Curse of Strahd
Group Type: Online
Experience: Any
Location/Timezone: Est
Schedule: Saturdays 11am to 3pm, Session 0 4/29/23
Roles Sought: 1 player
Game Style: Discord for voice, Foundry hosted via Forge, Dnd Beyond for character sheets (imported into Foundry), Beyond 20 for dice rolls, DnD source material shared via content sharing through DnDBeyond campaign
Price: $15 per session/ Session 0 free
Age: 18+
Additional Info: You for one reason or another have been drawn to the town of Berdusk, to the Blackpost’s Bench Tavern where you see a old lady in bright colored clothing being led to a table in the back of the room. She sits down pulling out a deck of cards and begins to shuffle them. As she does she looks out into the room, her eyes lingering on you…

Delve into the Curse of Strahd with me, your Teller of Tales and discover the land of Barovia behind the mists… find out who or maybe what has drawn you to the Blackpost’s Bench… discover it’s dark secrets… run from its horrors… or will it become your final resting place…

Contact Info: Methot#4159