Disastrous Forge Experience upon login

Just tried to login to DM my weekly 5e game on the Forge (which I pay for each month), and it’s taking me 3-5 minutes to load each map, half of my actors (enemies) no longer have images, and I often cannot even move some of my actors on the map.

What could possibly have impacted our experience in two weeks (we took a week off)? I’ve even shut off every single module I have running (after ensuring they were all up to date), and the experience is still very horrible.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Check the actor token images to see if the images actually exist. If you were using an external service for them and they’re no longer available, that would do it.

Loading of maps can be slowed down for these reasons:

  1. Excessive amount of active network connections for the browser tab, like trying to load something that isn’t fully available for some reason ← Not sure, relevant if using external sources other than forge assets.
  2. Loading multiple streamable urls, like video or audio that cause everything to wait behind them. ← stop audio or don’t use so many streamables or use Firefox which allows more active connections.
  3. Torrent downloads or steam is using all of your bandwidth. ← stop those from overtaking everything.
  4. Network issues between your internet and Forge ← can be checked with players who live elsewhere to test if their experience is the same or not. Also can use mobile tethering for testing a different connection type.
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I use Mr Primates DnDBeyond Importer, which of course you have to verify now each and every month in order to use (even though you pay him for patreon). Some of those images are missing. Then again, I have a monster compendium that I built individually, and it’s missing images for some as well.

Of course, when I turn off my shared compendium… the issue still does not correct itself. In fact, it doesn’t improve at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I’m about to bounce back to Roll20 (and you really have no clue how much it hurts to even say something like that).


P.S. I’m not even certain why it says my DnD5e system is a compatibility risk… I’ve updated it to the most recent, and it still says this.

I have just created a new world. Zero modules. Only loaded up two maps, no actors. Even after allowing both maps to load in (3-5 minutes per)… it still hangs up when swapping between maps. My speed test just shown 487 Mbps/DL and 27.8 Mbps/UL. I have no clue wtf the problem may be.

Hey Arcweaver, I’d like to help you personally with this. Are you available to join Discord at any point for troubleshooting? It’s very, very difficult to troubleshoot an issue like this over the forums.

If so, join forge-vtt.com/discord, and please ping DestinyGrey#2890 once you’re there.

Executive Assistant at The Forge VTT