Data Size Exceeded - Unable to Remove FIles

So, today I decided to try and download the JB2A animations package. I followed the instructions on patreon, but now I can’t launch any of my games because I’ve massively exceeded the data cap. So I figured I would just delete the file, but the trouble is I cannot find the module anywhere in my files. I’ve check the add-on modules in my Foundry and the “Select Data Files to Delete” page in the Forge, and the files aren’t appearing anywhere. So now I can’t launch any of my games and I can’t even fix the problem. What do I do here?

Hello! It seems you might have exceeded your asset quota.
The module should have create a folder in your assets library, with the name “modules”
Go into it, select the top folder of JB2A’s module, then delete it. Or you can delete some to keep most of it.