[D&D 5E] [LFP] [LGTBQ+ Friendly] Curse of Strahd, Wednesdays 7PM EST [PAID] [15€/Session]

:crossed_swords: D&D 5th Edition, no real restrictions for the players (more info below)

:calendar: This game is weekly

Thursday, June 15, 2023 1:00 AM

:scroll: A real classic reimagined
Curse of Strahd also known as ‘Ravenloft’ is one of those iconic campaigns in D&D that everyone should have a stab at.

But what is Curse of Strahd?:
The characters are drawn into the gothic horror realm of Barovia, ruled over by the vampire overlord Count Zarovich of Strahd. The party will have to overcome him, his minions and other foul creatures to free this realm of his rules and being able to escape.

I will run this game with extra content, some of it tailored to the backstories of the player characters.
Some of my NPCs and Monsters will get class levels (3rd edition style) and i plan on using other mechanics from other editions and homebrew content on the DM side of things to improve the experience. Curse of Strahd was one of the first campaigns for 5th edition and it is showing it’s age now under the light of the content available to players. That said, I enjoy giving my players a well measured challenge to enhance the experience.

I love to run a well paced mixture of roleplay and combat with some fun exploration mechanics. I roll most things openly and do not fudge rolls.

As for the players. Create characters to your heart’s content. But I suggest to at least try to keep them within the theme of the campaign to keep the overall feeling of the game right.

:memo: Pay to Play Disclaimer
This game is pay to play at a rate of 15€ per session per player. Alternatively: 60€ per 4 sessions. All payable via Paypal.

  • First session is always free.

  • Payment has to be done prior to the session or in advance for the entire month, payable prior to the first paid session.

  • Sessions will be held when the majority of the players are present or if at least 3 players are present, whichever is more. If a session has to be postponed, because of lack of players or because of the DM not being able to make that session: no one has to pay for that session or use up session credit for said session.

  • If a player cannot make a session, they do not have to pay for that session or do not use up session credit. However their character will not generate XP in that session, even if the character is steered by the DM or other players. (The player not partaking can of course state if they want their character to stick back, have them steered by the DM or steered by another player for that session).

  • Refunds. Players leaving the campaign can of course recieve full refund of their remaining session credit.

  • Important While this is a pay to play campaign, we are all still under the universal unwritten social contract between players and DM. Also known as: I the DM will provide a genuine Dungeons and Dragons experience and you agree to not be an annoying s**t to me or the other players. We all want to have fun here and if a player turns out to be not a good fit for the game, I reserve the right to remove them from the game (with refunds, if applicable of course), after all other options have been exhausted. Just remember Wheaton’s law guys.

  • Of course applicants can have the chance to listen in to the game, or one of my other games, to get a feel for my DMing style, prior to signing up.

What do you get

  • A fully invested and experienced DM
  • Custom photoshopped tokens for your character, if necessary (i have a huge selection)
  • Carefully selected soundtrack to bring that immersion home.
  • Access to my own Discord and our own campaign channel within, but also to meet up with other players and friends of me who play and played with me.

if this perks your interest, please feel free to reach out to me via discord: Aeon#7964

Questions? Just put them into the doobley-doo below.