Converted MP3s not uploading

I’m new to Forge and have been uploading my assets. Most assets are working perfectly. I do have some sound files that I converted from m4a format to mp3 files. Some uploaded fine while others continue to upload as m4a files. I deleted the m4a files from my Forge assets, double checked that I was uploading mp3 files (I am). Now they don’t show up at all. Any advice?

How are you uploading them and where are they not showing up? Can you show us a screenshot please?

Thanks for the quick response Kakaroto! I’ve attached some screen shots. The m4a files were originally created on my Mac and then I converted them to mp3 files and transferred them to my Windows 10 computer. It’s strange because some of the files uploaded as mp3s while a small number are still uploadingFile properties

as m4a files. I might just try to recreate them scratch.

Nevermind! I figured it out (I’m an idiot lol). Thanks for responding though!

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haha, no worries! Glad you got it working.
I assume the issue had to do with importing invalid files (those that start with ._ as a sort of thumbnail from mac or something… I’m not sure!