Constant problems with game freezing/reloading for players

So I’ve been using Forge since November 2021, and since the very beginning my players have had connection issues. My connection is fine. I think I’ve been forced to reload 3-4 times total. All of my players are doing that in the first hour of every game.

4 of my players are in the eastern US, and they constantly have issues with delayed token movement, scenes freezing, having to reload, sometimes we see the drag ruler pop up but their token never moves, scene transitions leave them on a grey page with no loading bar, and they have to reload constantly at ~90 seconds each time. They have tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and playing from both a Mac and a PC. For some reason moving to a Mac reduced one player’s issues, but didn’t eliminate them.

My last player is in eastern Europe. I expected some problems there, but not this bad. It will sometimes take minutes for his token to move after he’s done it on his end. Reloading fixes this for a few minutes, but the reload itself takes 3-5 minutes. He and I have about 7 years of MMO/VOIP (with him playing on E-USA servers) with fewer issues total than he’s had with Forge in just the last 60 days.

Voice/Video tools have never worked. It will load three people who can see each other, then when the 4th person loads everyone disconnects. Or it will load so that 3 people see each other, and 3 different people see each other, but with no overlap between the groups. Most of the time I can see myself, and that’s it.

With the exception of the Eastern European player, we are all on 800mbps+ connections, and have never had anything even remotely approaching this severity with any other game. All the computers are relatively new desktops, except for the EE guy who has a laptop that is a few years old. We’ve tested with hardware accleration enabled and disabled.

Looking at both the delete world and the backup world systems, my world seems to be 25mb. The vast majority of that comes from importing the adventure we’re playing using DDB Importer (about 15mb) but I don’t know if that stuff gets loaded for players. I have 6mb of actors, 1.6mb of journals, 1mb of scenes and 2.4mb of “fog.db”.

Does anyone have any advice to offer, or things to try? In the meantime I’m trying to replicate my world on my desktop, but I’d really prefer the simple upkeep here on Forge if I can get it working properly.

FYI, I had the user open a Discord ticket regarding this issue. Will update with solutions that work or not once it’s complete.