Character Folder Missing after Upgrade to V10

After the upgrade some character folders are just missing and some aren’t and I don’t see any concievable pattern to how it makes this distinction or what causes it.
The character sheets are still somewhere because I can open them trough tokens, but they aren’t in the actors list. Please help, because this happens to the player character folder for one of my games.

It sounds very likely that a module is hiding them (whether intentionally or due to a bug or an interaction between two incompatible modules).
I recommend you save your list of enabled modules, then disable all modules to see if you still have the problem, if you can reliably get it with your modules enabled and you don’t have the problem with them disabled, then you can use Find the culprit to quickly find which module is causing.

Not sure what it was, but it just dissapeared during the update…
V9 without modules had them and V10 without modules didn’t have them.

Fix ended up being. Jumping back to an autosaved version of the world and V9… Moving all my folders around and then upgrading to V10. Absolutely bizarre bug.