Change Region World Export/Import?

I recently attempted to change my region from North America to EU. When I did this my existing worlds did not appear to migrate to the EU server (I don’t see them on the Configuration and Setup screen). Am I doing it wrong? Should I be exporting my world and then importing it under the new server?

Thank you for the report and sorry about the issue!
There was a change in today’s update to the servers which has affected the synchronization of data between regions during a region change. I have now fixed it the issue so if you try again, it should work. I’ve also made a backup of your content as of 10 minutes ago in case you’re having any further issues, let me know.

The worlds have migrated, but the users have not. Do I need to recreate those?

Hello Cultosaurus,

This doesn’t sound like something that should happen with region migration. Can you confirm that refreshing the page, and/or logging in and out doesn’t reset the users back to normal? Have you just enabled the Game Manager for the first time? I’ve just tried out region migration myself, and everything looks fine on my own games- so I’m wondering if it’s a temporary or niche issue that you’re experiencing. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Ok, I figured out my issue. I was running the wrong world! Sorry for the mixup. The players are all there.

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Glad to hear it wasn’t a problem :smile:

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