Can't add 4th Connection without crashing

Hi Folks,

Hoping someone here can help. Recently signed up to forge and we tried running our first session but had to bail due to too many technical issues with video and audio. Essentially I am in the UK and have two people in Dubai and one other in UK. If just three of us join everything seems ok but when a fourth person joins the video won’t show to everyone for some players. We either can’t see someone or hear someone. If anyone does a refresh we get multiple lines of video moving further up towards the top of the scree as shown in the image. We are using version v10 stable Patch 6 (291).

Hi there :wave:

Are you using Foundry’s native audio/video integration?
We’ve noticed that this can be unreliable. I’d encourage you to look at the LiveKit AV Client module and read through the article here: Livekit Voice and Video Chat

Hope that helps!

Currently using native with camera dock 0.8. Thanks, I’ll take a look at liveKit.