BattleZoo Bestiary Compatibility

Hi, I am wondering about purchasing the BattleZoo Bestiary module and was wondering if I will be able to use it on Forge?

Hi, yes absolutely, you’d be able to use it on the Forge!
You can see it available in the Bazaar here : The Forge
Because it’s a premium content by Foundry, which is sold outside of the Forge, we do not have the right to serve that content ourselves, so when you install it, it will use up some of your Data and Assets quotas, unlike our other Bazaar content which is generally installed quota-free. Also the installation will take a few seconds to proceed as it will need to download/unzip/optimize the module, unlike most Bazaar content which installs nearly instantaneously.
That’d be the only differences you’re likely to notice with regards to that content.
I hope that helps!

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