Any v10 status updates?

I’m excited to try foundry’s v10 features but have held off updating my gameworld on Forge as there’s been a lot of technical issues. Is there info regarding a timeline as to when it’ll be safe to update?

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It is safe to update.
There hasn’t been any technical issues that I know of, but we will not recommend it till we know it is a smooth transition for all of our users.

What might cause issues when you transfer to v10?
Most modules is yet to be updated to v10. If you’re running a lot of them, make sure that they are updated.
A lot of systems aren’t updated to v10 yet. Make sure your system is v10 compatible.

Shared compendiums.
Shared compendiums are working, but you’ll have to manually update your old once.

Hopefully that helps you on your path to v10 :smiley: