Actors taking up too much space but Compendiums not seeming to help?

I’ve been running my game for almost two years and it’s started to take a toll on how the system is running. I exported my world and found that actors was the largest slice (27, 749 KB) and so I exported my NPC and monster archives to the shared compendium and deleted those that I exported after. From what I understand, that should have made a difference/ is what the compendiums are supposed to be used for—but that number hasn’t gone down. What can I do to reduce this so that my game runs smoothly without simply trashing two years of work?

Did you try changing the portraits to webp?

Is there no other way? That is a LOT of images to download, convert and re-upload. Will this actually help? I assumed it pulled from assets not that the actor images are specifically attached to the actor data.

Using Shared Compendiums and deleting the now-exported actors should work in most cases. However, it’s possible that something else might be responsible for the size of the actors.db file :thinking:

I think the best way to figure out where the size is coming from, is to actually open the actors.db file on your PC after an export, and look inside of it using a text editor. The article here should be able to help you get to the bottom of it!