Abomination Vaults [Thursday 8:00pm CST][LFP][Paid]

Abomination Thursdays!!
Abomination Thursdays!!!

:crossed_swords: Pathfinder 2
:calendar: Thursdays @ 8pm Central Standard Time

:scroll:Every week we’ll meet up to delve further and further into the Gauntlight and the mysteries that lie beneath it. It won’t matter if you have never played or an old adventurer, you will find your Thursday game needs right here. This game will feature quite a bit of combat because it is a dungeon crawl in the finest fashion, but never fear for there will be plenty of roleplaying to go around for everyone!

This is a campaign that will run on consecutive Thursday for three to four hours and will run until the campaign is complete, an estimated 4 to 6 months, or longer if the party decides to keep adventuring :smiley:
We use startplaying.games and each session is 20$